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Create your legacy roadmap.

Loren M. Lopin, Attorney At Law • Trusts & Estates, P.C.

Providing comprehensive, personalized Estate Planning counseling to individuals, families, and small business owners, as well as Probate and Trust Administration.

The firm also offers assistance with Asset Protection, Title Holding Trusts, and setting up legal entities for succession planning and preventing property tax reassessments.

Located in San Francisco, CA

Loren M. Lopin

Areas Of Specialty

Estate Planning

Create a comprehensive roadmap to pass assets to loved ones according to your specific wishes, with minimal transfer taxes, estate taxes, probate fees, and other costs.

Probate & Trusts

Management of all aspects of administration after the death of a loved one, including revocable and irrevocable trusts, tax considerations, and division of assets.

Asset Protection

Business formation, succession planning, and smart strategies to protect those with high incomes or high-risk investments, and be less vulnerable to creditors and lawsuits.

Secure Your Family’s Future

From estate planning to asset protection, preventing property tax reassessment to title holding trusts, getting all of your affairs in order can be a challenge. Give Loren a call to help navigate California’s legal intricacies so you and your family are set for life – the way that you want.


Extremely knowledgeable and effective. Loren understood our situation well, saw the big picture and gave us sound advice. He was perfect for us. 

– B.K.

Needless to say, Loren will be my go-to attorney going forward.  He has earned my trust with his careful work and excellent judgment. 

– Seth Isaiah Rubin

You are unlike any lawyer I or my husband have ever worked with, and that’s a compliment. You have a “hands-on” approach that is very refreshing.

– SueAnne & Bob S.